Documentary series from 2020. Women have not been treated fairly in the world of football, and Norway is no exception. There are still embarrassingly few opportunities for a young and promising female football player. In this documentary series we follow the team Trondheims-Ørn as they change their name to the iconic “Rosenborg”. Throughout their first season in black and white, it becomes obvious that the power to lift female football lies in the hands of the media, sponsors and we the people.

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Director: Emma Jøsok
Co-director: Finn Walther
Producer: Håvard Wettland Gossé
Executive producer: Isak Jensen Weie
Coordinator: Sebastian Moldjord
Director of Photography: Bjørn Ánte Røe
Camera operators: Maja Holand, Finn Walther, Ask Jacobsen, Alexander Fathi, Linn Karen Førland, Helge Kallevik
Editors: Øyvinn Haugrud Kastnes & Emma Jøsok
Logger: Øystein Qviller
Post production assistant: Anders Valseth
Sound design: Ruben André Åeng, Rune Elli
Color correction: Maja Holand
Music: Haunted Mansions
Graphic design: Live Schille
Motion graphics: Vegard Dahle
Stills: Øystein Eugene Hermstad

Financed by: Adresseavisen, Filminvest, Midtnorsk Filmsenter, Fritt Ord, Koteng Eiendom, Dora 3