Director: Sverre Krüger
Cinematographer & Editor: Emma Jøsok
Production Company: Nova Vision AS
Original Title: Jakten på den eksakte posisjon
Year of Production: 2017
Premiere: NRK1, 2017
Duration: 29 minutes

Norwegian documentary from 2017. The future will give us sophisticated technology, such as driverless cars and remotely controlled surgery. This technology demands precision down to the millimeter. The UN encourages all nations to join the quest for the exact position. This work will open up for the development of a safer technology, better navigation in rescue work, quicker detection of earthquakes, and a higher precision in measuring the changes caused by global warming. The quest takes us to Svalbard, South Africa, Argentina, England, the US, and to the far edges of the known universe.

Watch the documentary here: Quest for the Exact Position