Director: Sverre Krüger
Editor: Emma Jøsok
Cinematographers: Emma Jøsok, Ingvild Warholm, Lena Særernes
Production Company: Nova Vision AS
Original Title: Sansenes hospital
Year of Production: 2015
Premiere: NRK 2, 5. December 2016
Duration: 28 minutes

Art can contribute to better health. Body and mind benefit from colours, shapes, light, shadow and good architecture. During the extensive development of St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim, artists like Håkon Bleken and Liv Tandrevold Eriksen contributed to the decoration. We learn that the experience of good art can have positive effects on blood pressure, pain and stress, and can provide mental and physical well-being and dignity.

Watch documentary here: Hospital of the Senses